India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum


The IBSA Dialogue Forum brings together three large pluralistic, multicultural and multiracial societies from three continents as a purely South-South grouping of like-minded countries, committed to inclusive sustainable development, in pursuit of the well-being for their peoples and those of the developing world. IBSA was formalised and launched through the adoption of the “Brasilia Declaration” on 6 June 2003. Its creation recognised the necessity of a process of dialogue among developing nations and countries of the South to counter their marginalisation. The principles, norms and values underpinning the IBSA Dialogue Forum are participatory democracy, respect for human rights, the Rule of Law and the strengthening of multilateralism.


The year 2013 marks a significant milestone for IBSA as the 10-year anniversary of the Brasilia Declaration is reached. The last decade has seen IBSA cooperation take place on an international level with common positions taken on significant political, economic and social issues and on a government-to-government level through numerous IBSA sector working groups as well as through various People-to-People fora.

The intra-IBSA trade is a clear indication of the potential and success of IBSA as the initial trade target of US$ 25 billion by 2015 is likely to be overshot given the current intra-IBSA trade figure of US$23 billion. IBSA has also partnered with developing countries, especially least-developed countries (LDCs) and post-conflict and reconstruction development (PCRD) countries through the IBSA Facility for Hunger and Poverty Alleviation (IBSA Fund) in development projects that will benefit those countries.