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The IBSA Facility for the Alleviation of Poverty and Hunger (IBSA Fund)

The IBSA Facility for Poverty and Hunger Alleviation (IBSA Fund) is a pioneering and flagship programmes of IBSA which was established in March 2004 and became operational in 2006. This initiative of the Leaders of IBSA is supported and directed by their Governments and managed by the Special Unit for South-South Cooperation (SU-SSC) hosted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The main objective of the IBSA Fund is to benefit other developing countries, particularly Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Post Conflict Reconstruction and Development (PCRD) countries around the world in partnership with the UN. This is done by identifying replicable and scalable projects that can be disseminated to interested developing countries as an example of best practices in the fight against poverty and hunger. Projects that contribute towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) are selected in partnership with interested countries in order to make a difference in the lives of communities in all parts of the world. The IBSA Fund also recognizes the important role it can play in countries emerging from conflict that face a number of developmental challenges as peace and development are mutually reinforcing.

IBSA countries utilise successful methods, technologies and initiatives based on their own experiences and work with interested countries in distributing this expertise and knowledge as they can benefit those facing similar developmental challenges.

Therefore, IBSA underscores the importance of the capacity-building impact of its projects; favours local procurement; and promotes the use of Southern expertise.

While the Fund has no conditionalities,  key principles of the IBSA Fund are that cooperation projects should be need-driven as well as locally owned and managed to ensure sustainability and continuity of development outcomes on the ground.

Each IBSA country contributes U$ 1 million per annum to the Fund.

Projects have been funded in countries such as Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Cambodia, Haiti, Palestine,LAO PDR, and Vietnam and range from promoting food security, health, education, capacity building, rural electrification and many more. New projects in Sudan and South Sudan have also been approved as PCRD countries in need of support for their developmental challenges.

After discussions are initiated between Governments requesting support and IBSA representatives around the world, proposals that receive a favourable indication from one or more of the IBSA Focal Point in the three capitals are represented to the IBSA Fund Board of Directors, comprising the IBSA Deputy Permanent Representatives at the United Nations in New York. The IBSA Board of Directors meets quarterly to review and approve new projects as well as monitor the implementation of projects and provide strategic direction to ongoing activities. The SU-SSC acts as the fund manager and the Board of Directors’ Secretariatand initiates contact with potential executing agencies to advance the formulation of IBSA projects as to facilitate and support implementation.

Proposals submitted to the Fund are evaluated according to the following list of criteria:

  1. Reduction of poverty and hunger;
  2. National ownership and leadership;
  3. South-South cooperation;
  4. Use of IBSA country capacities;
  5. Strengthening local capacity;
  6. Ownership;
  7. Sustainability;
  8. Identifiable impact;
  9. Replicability;
  10. Innovation

Other Criteria:

  1. Timeframe
  2. Project size

The IBSA Fund has already had some remarkable success on the ground. In recognition of the work it has carried out, it was honoured with the UN South-South Partnership Award in 2006 and the UN’s MDG award in 2010 for utilising innovative approaches to share, replicate and upgrade successful development experiences for eradicating poverty and hunger in the world. In 2012, the IBSA Trust Fund received another tribute when itreceived the South-South Champions Award at the Global South-South Development Expo in Austria. 

The Special Unit for South-South Cooperation

The Special Unit for South-South Cooperation is the global and United Nations system-wide promoter, coordinator and supporter of South-South cooperation. The Special Unit serves a cornerstone for efforts to bring South-South solutions to bear on reducing poverty, feeding the hungry, creating jobs and sharing experience, knowledge and technology.

The United Nations Development Programme

TheUNDP is the United Nations global development network, an organization advocating for change and connecting countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. With a presence on the ground in most countries, the UNDP is working with them on their own solutions to global and national development challenges.

“Cooperation among developing countries, or South-South cooperation, is a critical tool for achieving the internationally agreed development goals, and to which the UN system is strongly committed.”

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